Foreign Market Consulting- Istanbul, Turkey
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  • All mid and senior level positions
  • Tailor-made advertisements
  • Database and/or direct search
  • Pre-selection of candidates
  • Face-to-face interviews with candidates
  • Detailed reporting with evaluations
  • Candidate interviews together with our clients
  • Assessments
  • Reference checks
  • First hand recruitment for start-ups and international companies in Turkey
  • An outsourced HR team for our clients
  • Capability to evaluate local gestures, statements and mentality
  • Selection of highly motivated candidates with an international business mentality
  • Short-listed candidate interviews together with our clients
  • Long term co-operation between our clients and chosen candidates


FMConsulting has long years of experience in supporting its foreign clients with the search and selection service for building up a start-up team or during their re-structuring and growing phase in Turkey.

We have expertise finding candidates in niche markets as well as in general industries. Our recruitment team is keen on selecting highly motivated candidates who have international business mentality and local expertise.

By being determined to understand our client’s needs and company culture, we follow a unique approach in each search and selection project. We use customized recruitment methods and tools in order to ensure that both our clients’ and the candidates’ expectations are met on a mutual level.

Our search and selection service targets long-term cooperation between our clients and the candidates through objective and transparent communication.
Search & Selection Service Content
Job Description: After assessing our clients’ business targets in Turkey, FMConsulting writes up a job description and re-designs the job profile requirements according to the local understanding.

Advertisement: FMConsulting prepares a corporate advertisement and publishes it on an online job portal and if necessary, also in a daily newspaper.

Database Search: FMConsulting checks and contacts the suitable candidates in its database to check their interest for the position.

Direct Search: FMConsulting makes a direct search by contacting candidates who have similar job experience in the related sectors.

Pre-Selection of Candidates: FMConsulting evaluates all applications in view of the listed qualifications and carries out written and oral communications.

Face-to-Face Interviews: FMConsulting conducts a long list of face-to-face interviews, assess the candidates in line with the listed criteria and selects a short list of the best candidates.

Reporting: FMConsulting delivers a complete report of the short-listed candidates, including their evaluations, CVs and profiles.

Joint Interviews: FMConsulting invites our clients to Turkey to conduct joint interviews with the short-listed candidates.

Reference Checks: FMConsulting makes reference checks on the selected candidates.

Personality/Talent Assessment: FMConsulting applies an individual assessment on the selected candidate and provides a report on the candidate’s competencies and personality.

Contract Negotiations: FMConsulting supports the contract negotiations until the employment of the selected candidate.
Phase 1

Meeting between Client and FMC Recruitment Manager to define job role and candidate requirements. Creation and placing of job advertisement


Phase 2

FMC reviews and selects candidates for initial interviews. Pre-selection interviews to identify most suitable candidates
Short List Report
Detailed report of suitable candidates, including their evaluations and profiles


Phase 3
Customer Interviews in Turkey with Candidates

Face-to-face interviews with short-listed candidates
Re-listing if required
If no suitable candidates are found at this stage, the position is re-advertised at no additional service cost.


Phase 4
Appointment of Candidate

FMC assists with contract negotiations with chosen candidate/s