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Market Visit
Meetings with potential customers
  • Researching suitable, potential customers
  • Arrangement of appointments
  • Joint visits together with our clients to identify the market potential, interest and the general market conditions
  • Standardized, optimized procedures using telephone and electronic communications
  • Combining potential customer searches with sales meeting appointment setting and direct market insight
  • Effective services that give an initial impression of the potential market
  • Support from a highly dedicated and communicative team
  • Hassle free service, everything is pre-arranged, including airport transfers
  • Client support and guidance during customer visits

1. Search for Potential Customers

  • Defining business areas of potential customers 
  • Identifiying players in these business areas and appropriate "to the point" contact persons

2. Pre-selection of Interested

  • Phone interviews with "to the point" contact persons, present the company and products
  • Learning their interests 

3. Visit Management 

  • Arranging 5-7 meetings, prepare the schedule
  • Organizing all the details of the visit and accompanying upon request to provide local consultancy