Foreign Market Consulting- Istanbul, Turkey
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Financial Services
Finance Consulting
  • Handling all type of daily finance issues
  • Management consulting on daily tax and financial issues
  • Payroll
Payment Services
  • Payment transfers
  • Controlling
  • Cash flow planning
  • Financial reporting according to client’s specific forms and requirements - monthly, quarterly, yearly
  • Consolidation packages
  • Support during client’s audits
  • A team of highly skilled and qualified finance experts
  • Communication with banks
  • Controlling content of costs
  • Preparation of payment and liquidity plan
  • Weekly payments of invoices, wages, expenses, tax and social security
  • Qualified reporting team with know-how on the differences of local GAAP
  • Communication of finance issues in the way our international clients are familiar with
  • No in-house financial department necessary
  • Professional, well established, standardized service package with control loops
  • Additional security
  • Even well established companies in Turkey outsource these service to us because of our substantial experience
  • Experience with all types of reports for corporate groups
  • Ability to make local GAAP differences transparent and understandable