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Employee Leasing
  • Recruitment of skilled personnel according to client’s requirements
  • Placement on FMConsulting payroll
  • Full employee administration
  • Provision of requisite infrastructure (office, car, laptop, phone)
  • Employee management and coaching
  • CRM for sales team
  • Regular meetings with the employees to manage motivation, issues and opportunities for improvement
  • Administrative and infrastructural support of FMConsulting, a fully established company
  • Our clients do not need to form a company in Turkey, in order to take on local employees
  • ‘Leased’ employees offer a strong and flexible alternative to distributors and local subsidiaries
  • Customized recruitment for each client
  • Flexibility to ‘lease’ an employee with 50% capacity
  • Easy and fast market entry
  • Employees with high motivation and an ability to start a business from scratch


By the employee leasing services, we offer a solution that enables our clients to have their local personnel available without forming a local company. We manage our clients all market development activities.


This starts with jointly selecting the most suitable Business Development Manager. We run the daily business on our client’s behalf and handle all administrative affairs such as personnel administration, social security payment and payment of taxes, and payrolling.


Our clients and their local employee can fully concentrate on the core business, without any distraction through administrative works.


We are very flexible; our clients can either have only the employee leasing service or together with the options of order processing, import management and a small warehouse as service.