Foreign Market Consulting- Istanbul, Turkey
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FMConsulting is an Istanbul-based full service consulting company established in 1999 and now the longest standing consultancy of its type in Turkey. Our services range from market research to company formations and business services, giving our clients the option of having a single local service partner in Turkey. Over the recent years, we have undertaken more than 800 projects in over 20 different practice areas.


We believe in our uniqueness in terms of the diverse services we offer -starting from your initial enquiry stage through the establishment process and on to successful company development.


The Turkish economic market is large and offers great opportunities for foreign enterprises. However, for any successful business venture to succeed, companies first need to understand the Turkish business mentality and be aware of the different rules that apply when doing business here. We identified this need for a service provider in Turkey that could help and support international enterprises to carry out their business operations here - smoothly and efficiently. To fulfill this need, we established FMConsulting a German-Turkish consulting and services company located in Istanbul. We help foreign enterprises understand the differences and complexities of doing business in Turkey and assist them in navigating any pitfalls they may encounter along the way.


All our services are of a consistent high quality level, comparable to what our international clients would expect to find in their own countries. We are able to achieve this consistent quality by having a well-organized departmental structure with each business unit managed by a strong, specialist manager - overseen by centralized quality management.

We are proud to combine the best of German and Turkish business culture ethics, by offering our services with not only ‘German’ accuracy but also with ‘Turkish’ flexibility. Our approach is pragmatic and results-oriented, with an emphasis on practical usability.